Garlic Yuzu Restaurant serves New American Style food inspired from Far East Asian dishes.
 Our innovative menu is a unique blend of mostly Korean, Japanese with some Chinese as well as Pan Asian cuisine.

 At Garlic Yuzu we have a desire to recreate Asian food into more familiar American cuisine. We have a true passion for being the bridge that connects us, bringing in the unity of Far East cuisines to American dining.

 Traditionally, the Far East Asian palate consists of an individual rice bowl with several main and side dishes. Anyone unfamiliar with the Asian culture may not know what to do. Imagine being served a bowl of rice with five to ten side dishes.   Where do you begin? How do you eat this? Should I use a spoon or chopsticks?
 Garlic Yuzu reintegrated Far East Asian food with an American casual dining style so that anyone can enjoy the meal regardless of one’s experience within Asian cultures. Western style cooking techniques along with western ingredients is used to create a harmonious menu in attempt to make dining experience at Garlic Yuzu more comfortable.





7250 S. Durango Dr #120

Las Vegas, NV 89113


TEL : 702.268.7312


Mon - Sat : 5 pm to 8:00 pm


Closed on Sunday